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Karl H Menzies, the lead providers of Beverages and Surface Solutions in Belize. Founded in 1969 by Karl  Dorothy Menzies, Karl H. Menzies prides itself in the diverse line of products as seen through two divisions. The Beverage Division carries a wide range of over 700 types of wines and spirits, supplying restaurants, bars and hotels across Belize.

Surface Solutions holds a portfolio ranging from House Paints to Automotive Paints that are matched to true colour. It’s product catalogue extends to provide car care products as well as abrasives and lubricants to make sure any surface is kept in tip top shape. Today, as our company continues to grow, we continuously look for the best products out there to supply to the Belizean people and those who come to visit our beautiful jewel.

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Our Commitment to the Community

Karl H Menzies is proud to be among the many companies who are making a difference in Belize. For many years and through our support of numerous projects, we have supported community development & awareness, child care and generally taken an interest in the improvement of Belize.

Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center

One of our most prominent community projects is the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center which gives abused, neglected and abandoned children in its care an opportunity to enrich their lives in a safe and nurturing environment more…

We are proud to support the following organizations