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About Karl H Menzies represents our new way of doing business.  Our user-friendly website is designed with the intent of making it easy for you to place your order and make contact with us so that we can more efficiently meet your needs.
Founded in 1969 by Karl & Dorothy Menzies, Karl H Menzies Company Ltd started out as the agent in Belize for Heineken Beer.  Eventual diversification included forays into groceries, foodstuff and other items before forming an emphasis on hardware that lasted almost twenty years, eventually evolving into a strength in paints and other coatings.  More recently, diversification in another direction has resulted in an increased beverage portfolio, including Rhino’s Energy Drink and the entire Angostura line of beverages and sauces.
Today, in addition to the brands mentioned above, we proudly represent such global brands as SIA Abrasives, Leyland & Johnstone's Coatings, Kaleidoscope Paints, and Automotive Art.  What can we supply to you today?

Our Commitment to the Community
Karl H Menzies is proud to be among the many companies who are making a difference in Belize. For many years and through our support of numerous projects, we have supported community development & awareness, child care and generally taken an interest in the improvement of Belize. 

Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center

One of our most prominent community projects is the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center which gives abused, neglected and abandoned children in its care an opportunity to enrich their lives in a safe and nurturing environment more…

We are proud to support the following organizations:

Rotary Club of Belize 

 Crime Stoppers Belize

 Gift of Life