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Welcome to Karl H. Menzies!

Since 1969 we have built a reputation for carrying quality product lines, starting with Heineken Beer and eventually moving into hardware with an emphasis on coatings for all surfaces. Now we have reorganized ourselves into two divisions. Surface Solutions carries top quality decorative and automotive paints, chemicals, abrasives and lubricants. The Beverage Division carries the world's best beverages, including fine wines, ports, quality spirits, bar tools and accessories and of course, the world's number one beer...Heineken. Visit Surface Solutions to find exactly what the name promises, a solution for all your painting needs, be it for car, house, boat, or any other surface you need to treat with care. For news and updates on our continued expansion, keep checking our News & Events page, check out our blog, 'like' our Facebook page, 'follow' us on Twitter, or subscribe to join our E-Club, which delivers news to your email inbox.